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Zachary Meisel (Penn CSP) writes a weekly blog The Medical Insider in


12/30/11 - Should Your Doctor Be Napping on the Job?

11/15/11 - Can Doctors Have Work-Life Balance? Medical Students Discuss

8/29/11 - Why You Don’t Want to Get Sick on a Saturday

Click here to read other Time Medical Insider articles written by Dr. Zachary Meisel >>

Donna Zulman (Michigan CSP 08-11 VA Scholar) authors an article in Annals of Internal Medicine on patient interest in sharing their electronic health information.

Press Release:

Yahoo! News:


Kara Odom Walker (UCLA CSP 07-10), Arleen Brown (UCLA CSP 96-98), Robin Clarke (UCLA CSP), and Gery Ryan publish report studying the impact of hospital safety net closures on primary care physicians in Annals of Family Medicine: November/December 2011 vol. 9 no. 6 496-503. The study, “Effect of Closure of a Local Safety-Net Hospital on Primary Care Physicians’ Perceptions of Their Role in Patient Care,” found physicians in close proximity to the closed hospital—even those practicing in nonunderserved settings—reported difficulty getting their patients needed care that extended beyond the anticipated loss of inpatient services.

Annals of Family Medicine:

Health LeadersMedia:

Alicia I. Arbaje, MD, MPH (JHU 03-05) was interviewed for the RWJF Human Capital Blog on "Navigating Care Across Settings: The Role of Caregivers"

Raina Merchant (Penn CSP 07-10) leads study on early withdrawal of care among cardiac arrest patients published in Critical Care Medicine, 10 November 2011 doi: 10.1097/CCM.0b013e3182372f93. The study, “Timing of Neuroprognostication in Postcardiac Arrest Therapeutic Hypothermia,” finds physicians may be making premature predictions about which patients are not likely to survive following cardiac arrest – and even withdrawing care -- before the window in which comatose patients who have received therapeutic hypothermia are most likely to wake up.

Critical Care Medicine:


Zach Meisel (Penn CSP 08-11) and Jason Karlawish publish study in JAMA arguing for the value of personal narrative when evaluating evidence. The study, “Narrative vs. Evidence-Based Medicine—And, Not Or,” urges guideline developers and regulatory scientists to recognize, adapt, and deploy narrative to explain the science of guidelines to patients and families, health care professionals, and policy makers to promote their optimal understanding, uptake, and use.


Vijay Singh (Michigan CSP 07-10) and Katherine Gold (Michigan CSP 05-07) co-author study on the risk of suicide among pregnant women and new mothers in General Hospital Psychiatry. Increased screening of pregnant women and new mothers for major depression and conflicts with intimate partners may help identify women at risk for suicide.

General Hospital Psychiatry:


Camilla Sasson (Michigan CSP 07-10) leads study finding cardiac arrest survival rates at home or at work have remained virtually unchanged over 30 years. This was the first study to look at the associations between five clinical variables and overall survival from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.



Kate Goodrich (Yale CSP 08-10) is featured in The Hospitalist discussing her path to a health policy career. In the article, “She’s Found Her Calling” Dr. Goodrich discusses how her experience as a hospitalist and with the Clinical Scholars program has helped build a solid foundation for health policy work at the federal level.

Karin Rhodes (JHU CSP 95-97) receives the American Public Health Association's Student Assembly Public Health Mentoring Award. A teacher at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice, researcher and physician in the emergency department at the University's hospital, Rhodes was nominated by a group of graduate students who had worked with her over a period of five years.

Gates Foundation Names Dr. Christopher Elias (Washington CSP 88-90) to Lead Expanded Global Development Program

PR Newswire

PR Newswire UK

Stacy Lindau (Chicago CSP 00-02) and team publish article on the health benefits of low-income mothers moving to lower poverty areas in The New England Journal of Medicine, 2011; 365:1509-1519. The study, “Neighborhoods, Obesity, and Diabetes — A Randomized Social Experiment,” used data from a social experiment to assess the association of randomly assigned variation in neighborhood conditions with obesity and diabetes.

New England Journal of Medicine:


Katherine Gold (Michigan CSP 05-07) heads study on women’s use of Internet forums to cope with pregnancy loss to be published in Women’s Health Issues, 2011; DOI: 10.1016/j.whi.2011.07.006. The study, “Internet Message Boards for Pregnancy Loss: Who’s On-Line and Why,” surveyed more than 1,000 women on 18 message boards. The study found only half of women surveyed were within their first year of loss after pregnancy and only 2% of African American women used the internet message boards.


Lisa Diamond (Yale CSP 06-08), Elizabeth Jacobs (Chicago CSP 96-98), and team publish study examining how physicians characterize their skills in a second language in Health Services Research, 27 Oct. 2011 DOI: 10.1111/j.1475-6773.2011.01338.x. The study, “’Does This Doctor Speak My Language?’ Improving the Characterization of Physician Non-English Language Skills,” examines how physicians at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation describe their language skills under the old categorization system versus a newly adapted version of the Interagency Language Roundtable.

Health Behavior News Service:

Jane Jue (Penn CSP 08-11) and Josh Metlay (Penn CSPCo-Director) evaluate the prevalence and use of college web-based health resources in Preventing Chronic Disease: 2011;8(6): A138. The study, “Web-Based Health Resources at US Colleges: Early Patterns and Missed Opportunities in Preventive Health,” found 60% of colleges provided some web-based health resources, most commonly around topics of mental health and general health. The report highlights the lack of online resources around nutrition, physical activity and tobacco cessation.

James Tulsky (UCSF CSP 91-93) elected to the National Advisory Council for Nursing Research (NACNR). The NACNR is the principal advisory board for the National Institute of NursingResearch (NINR).

Health Services Research publishes articles by RWJF Clinical Scholars alumni as part of a special issue on "Bridging the Gap between Research and Health Policy" featuring articles by current and former RWJF Clinical Scholars. Print edition to be pub in Feb 2012.

Health Insurance Can Increase Pediatric Asthma Diagnosis, Treatment

State-Level Variations in Racial Health Disparities

Translating Evidence-Based Research In to Health Care Practice

"Does This Doctor Speak My Language?"

Is Patient Safety Improving? National Trends in Patient Safety Indicators: 1998–2007

A Policy Impact Analysis of the Mandatory NCAA Sickle Cell Trait Screening Program

Media Coverage:

Physician Practices and Readiness for Medical Home Reforms: Policy, Pitfalls, and Possibilities

Physician Social Networks and Variation in Prostate Cancer Treatment in Three Cities

Interpretation Systems Important for Emergency Department Care

Expanding the Safety-Net of Specialty Care for the Uninsured: A Case Study

Tom Boyce (UNC CSP 74-76), Sharon Inouye (Yale CSP 87-89), and Barbara Vickrey (UCLA CSP 88-90) were recently elected as new members to the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Election to the IOM is considered one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service. The ClinicalScholars program now has 42 alumni who have been inducted into the IOM.

Jeremiah Schuur (Yale CSP 2007) and Arjun Venkatesh (Yale CSP 2012) in studying hand hygiene of healthcare workers in the emergency department found certain care situations, including bed location and type of healthcare worker performing care, resulted in poorer hand hygiene practice. The study was reported in the November issue of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, the Journal of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America.

Click here to read the press release >>

Jeremiah Schuur (Yale CSP 2007) and Arjun Venkatesh (Yale CSP 2012) author study showing national use of observation care for emergency department patients on the rise.

Click here to read the press release >>

Click here to read the study >>

Karin Rhodes (Chicago CSP 99-01) and colleagues write an article for Pediatrics examining the impact of insurance status on dental practices’ willingness to schedule an appointment for a child with a symptomatic fractured permanent front tooth.

Click here to download the PDF >

Karin Rhodes (Chicago CSP 99-01) and Joanna Bisgaier, M.S.W. write an article and reply to a Letter to the Editor for the New England Journal of Medicine examining
children’s access to outpatient specialty care to identify disparities in providers’ acceptance of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) versus private insurance.

Click here to download the article (PDF) >

Click here to download the Letter to the Editor (PDF) >

Craig Pollack (Penn CSP 06-09) co-authors op-ed in the New York Times entitled “Foreclosures are Killing Us.” The authors illustrate how the foreclosure process has adversely impacted the health of affected homeowners. They argue a comprehensive approach to foreclosure prevention should include health care such as mental health caseworkers embedded in mortgage counseling agencies.

New York Times:

RWJF Human Capital:

Human Capital Blog:

Sean Lucan (Penn CSP 07-09) has recently published several articles on the food environment in the Journal of Urban Health and International Journal of Public Health.


1. Lucan SC, Maroko A, Shanker R,Jordan W. “Green Carts (mobile produce vendors) in the Bronx - Optimally positioned to meet neighborhood fruit-and-vegetable needs?” J of Urban Health. 2011 (DOI 10.1007/s11524-011-9593-2)

2. Lucan SC, Mitra N. “Perceptions of the food environment are associated with fast-food (not fruit-and-vegetable) consumption—findings from multi-level models”. Int J of Public Health. 2011 (DOI 10.1007/s00038-011-0276-2)


1. Lucan SC. “Patients Eat Food, Not Food Categories or Constituents”, American Family Physician. January 15, 2011 (

2. Lucan SC. “Which “placebo effect”? (And why it matters)”, Family Medicine. February 2011 (

3. Lucan SC. “Lower CVD mortality and alcohol: Is it what’s in the drinks? Or something else?”, BMJ, May 28, 2011 (

Oral Presentations at Meetings

9/16/11 [Accepted, pending presentation] “Locarto: Promoting Mobile Vending of Fresh Produce through Location-Based Text Messaging” (presented by co-author, William B. Jordan, MD MPH), Medicine 2.0, Stanford, CA

11/1/11 [[Accepted, pending presentation] “Measuring an urban street food environment - a method to assess street food vendors, and data, from the Bronx”, 139th APHA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

11/1/11 [Accepted, pending presentation] “Green Carts in the Bronx - Are mobile produce vendors selling how and where they are most needed?”, 139th APHA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

11/2/11 [Accepted, pending presentation] “Street food vendors in the Bronx - A neglected but potentially important aspect of urban food environments”, 139th APHA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

11/16/11 [Accepted, pending presentation] “Saving time or waste of time? - Business list data vs. ground observations for measuring the food environment.”, NAPCRG 2011 Annual Meeting, Banff, Alberta

Presented Posters

10/2/11 [Accepted, pending presentation] “Urban street food vendors - A neglected but potentially important aspect of obesogenic food environments”, Obesity 29th Annual Scientific Meeting, Orlando, FL

10/2/11 [Accepted, pending presentation] “Green Carts in neighborhoods of high obesity - Are mobile produce vendors selling how and where they are most needed?”, Obesity 29th Annual Scientific Meeting, Orlando, FL

11/12/11 [Accepted, pending presentation] “Farmers' Markets in the Bronx: Benefiting Community Nutrition? (Unexpected Findings)”, NAPCRG 2011 Annual Meeting, Banff, Alberta

11/13/11 [Accepted, pending presentation] “What about those guys selling food on the streets? - Examining a neglected aspect of urban food environments”, NAPCRG 2011 Annual Meeting, Banff, Alberta

11/15/11 [Accepted, pending presentation] “Produce oases in food deserts? - Are Green Carts selling how and where they are most needed?”, NAPCRG 2011 Annual Meeting, Banff, Alberta

Kate Goodrich, M.D. (Yale CSP 08-10) has joined The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Office of Clinical Standards and Quality (OCSQ) as a Senior Technical Advisor. She will work alongside Patrick Conway M.D. (Penn CSP 05-07), Director & CMS Chief Medical Officer, OCSQ.

Anje Van Berckelaer (Penn CSP 08-11) co-authors a report on unmet health-care needs in Northeast Philadelphia that is being used by the city to help gain federal support for a city or community center. The report used a new model that balanced two sides of the equation: the likely need of the population vs. availability of primary-care providers. The new report is part of the lengthy process required to document need and gain federal support for either a city or a community center.

The Inquirer:

Donna Zulman (Michigan CSP 08-11), Jeremy Sussman (Michigan CSP 08-11), Rodney Hayward (Michigan CSP Director) et al. report findings indicating the elderly are often left out of clinical trials. Journal of General Internal Medicine Volume 26, Number 7, 783-790, DOI: 10.1007/s11606-010-1629-x. The authors call on the FDA, National Institutes of Health and sponsors of clinical trials to put policies in place to require the older demographic to be represented inclinical trials, particularly when studying conditions common among the elderly population.
NY Times Interview:

Robert Dittus (UNC CSP 82-84) was named associate vice chancellor for public health and health care and senior associate dean for population health sciences at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He will retain hisroles as director of the Vanderbilt Institute for Medicine and Public Health; the Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center; and the Quality Scholars Fellowship Program. Dittus will also remain chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine and Public Health.

C. Jason Wang (UCLA CSP 01-03) and colleagues develop a set of 41 quality indicators for children with sickle cell disease. An expert panel performed a comprehensive literature review with evidence ratings and carried out 2 rounds of anonymous ratings of each potential indicator. Final recommendations of the panel were for 41 indicators covering 18 topics, including 17 indicators regarding routine healthcare maintenance (RHCM), 15 relevant to acute or subacute care, and 9 describing chronic (long-term) care. The study, “Quality-of-Care Indicators for Children With Sickle Cell Disease,” was published August 15th in Pediatrics.


MD News:


John R. Wheat (UNC 83-85) has been selected to receive the Mayo Clinic Alumni Association Professional Achievement Award. The award acknowledges significant contributions by a graduate of Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, Mayo Graduate School or Mayo Medical School. Accomplishments may be in a clinical, research, educational or administrative field. Dr. Wheat is a professor of community and rural medicine at The University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences and School of Medicine.

Raina Merchant (Penn CSP 07-10), Nicole Lurie (UCLA CSP 82-84) and Stacy Elmer co-author article, “Integration of Social Media into Emergency-Preparedness Measures,” in the New England Journal of Medicine 2011; 365:289-291. The article advocates for the integration of social media into emergency-preparedness measures as a way to enhance systems of communication and turn the public into a large response network rather than mere bystanders.

New England Journal of Medicine:

Smart Planet:

Linda Rosenstock (Washington CSP 80-82) weighs in on the coverage of women’s preventative care, including birth control, under the Obama Administration’s health care overhaul in an August 1st Washington Post entitled “Obama admin: insurers must cover women’s preventive care, including birth control, no copays.” The new women’s preventative care package, which goes into effect January 1, 2013, was announced after a near-unanimous recommendation last month from a panel of experts at the prestigious Institute of Medicine, which advises the government. Dr. Rosenstock, dean of public health at the University of California, Los Angeles, was chairwoman of the panel.

Kate Goodrich (Yale CSP 08-10) encourages hospitalists to get involved in health policy in a July article of The Hospitalist. In the article, “The Best of Times for Health Policy,” Dr. Goodrich describes how her work as an academic hospitalist developed in the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars program has helped in her current position as a medical officer for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Karin Rhodes (Chicago CSP 99-01) argues the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) should audit access to primary care in a July 27th article in the New England Journal of Medicine. The article, “Taking the Mystery of out ‘Mystery Shopper’ Studies,” claims the proposed audit study by DHHS, withdrawn after criticism that the initiative violated physicians’ privacy, would have strengthened federal and state commitment to addressing the factors that contribute to primary care shortages.

Ryan Greysen (Yale CSP 09-11) co-authors study on medical student debt in Academic Medicine 86(7):840-845, July 2011. The study, “A History of Medical Student Debt: Observations and Implications for the Future of Medical Education,” explains how the expansion of the U.S. physician workforce presents a unique opportunity to confront the unsustainable growth of medical student debt and explore new approaches to the financing of medical students' education.

Patrick Conway (Penn CSP 2005-07) blogs on the RWJF Human Capital website about transforming the health care system

Carole Jenny (Penn CSP 74-76) testifies before House Human Resources subcommittee on flaws in the tracking of child-abuse death. Dr. Jenny discussed the need for federal support to train more doctors in child-abuse pediatrics. A summary of the hearing was featured in an Associated Press article on July 12th.

Harlan Krumholz (Yale CSP Director) reflects on 7 practical lessons needed in the American Healthcare System. The Yale Alumni Magazine article, “The Heart of the Matter: Cardiologist Harlan Krumholz is diagnosing what works and what doesn’t. His patient: the American health care system” features an interview between author Carole Bass and Dr. Harlan Krumholz where Dr. Krumholz reflects on his lessons learned as a physician.

Marcella Nuñez Smith (Yale CSP 04-06 and current Assistant Director Yale CSP) co-authors report entitled “Quality of Care in US Territories” in Archives of Internal Medicine. Published online June 27, 2011. doi:10.1001/archinternmed.2011.284

The study finds death rates are higher for patients in US Territories compared to US States. Nuñez argues low federal Medicare funding, which makes up a substantial portion of hospital revenues, may be a major factor.


Reuters – Death rates higher for patients in U.S. territories

Fox News - Death Rates Higher for Patients in U.S. Territories - U.S. Territories Have Higher Mortality Rates Than States

MedPage Today - Care in U.S. Territories Found Lacking

Gerardo Moreno (UCLA CSP 08-10) discusses how his personal experiences affects his research in the National Institute on Aging's Work Group on Minority Aging News - Spring 2011 Edition

Raina M. Merchant (Penn CSP 07-10) leads groundbreaking University of Pennsylvania study finding over 200,000 people are treated for cardiac arrest each year; a number that appears to be rising. Though cardiac arrest is known to be a chief contributor to in-hospital deaths, no uniform reporting requirements exist across the nation, leaving experts previously unable to calculate its true incidence. The study, reported online in Critical Care Medicine, successfully mapped the total number of treated cardiac arrests that take place in United States hospitals each year.

Adam Landman (Yale CSP 08-10) discusses how technology has transformed the medical workplace in a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Human Capital report entitled “Brave New World: Technology Transforms the Medical Workplace.”

Anisha Patel (UCLA CSP 06-09) co-authors article, “Encouraging Consumption of Water in School and Child Care Settings: Access, Challenges, and Strategies for Improvement,” in the American Journal of Public Health. 2011;e1-e10.doi:10.2105/AJPH.2011.300142. The report finds obstacles such as a deteriorating drinking water infrastructure, limited water availability and insufficient federal meal program regulations prevent schools from offering free drinking water to students.

Dr. Patel discusses her findings in a Q&A session with

Mark Johnson (UNC CSP 82-84) has been appointed as dean of the Howard University College of Medicine. Dr. Johnson is the founding chair of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – New Jersey Medical School. As chair, he established a nationally recognized department, which he has led for 20 years.

Aliya Hussaini (Penn CSP 05-07) and colleagues release study finding obese girls are twice as likely to be addicted to smoking. Dr. Hussaini began this study with support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as a Clinical Scholar. Hussaini AE, et al. “Alcoholic beverage preferences and associated drinking patterns and risk behaviors among high school youth.” Journal of Adolescent Health online, 2011.

Health Behavior News Service:

Ed Ehlinger (UNC 1978–1980), Minnesota health commissioner, addresses 2011 University of Minnesota grads.

RWJF Clinical Scholars at Forefront of Effort to Create Quality Measures that Will Improve Pediatric Care. Five of seven new AHRQ-funded Centers of Excellence to be led by Clinical Scholars alumni.

Dr. Eric Coleman, MD (Washington CSP 95-97), associate professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, discusses new approaches to care transitions in an interview with the American Society on Aging. In 2000, Dr. Coleman became principal investigator of the team at University of Colorado that developed the Care Transitions Intervention team care model with the support of a significant award from the John A. Hartford Foundation.

Matthew Press (Penn CSP 08-10), host of the RWJF Clinical Scholars Health Policy Podcast series, featured on RWJF Human Capital blog entitled, “Behind the Scenes of the RWJF Clinical Scholars Health Policy Podcast.”

Evan Fieldston (Penn CSP 07-10) co-authors article, “Addressing Inpatient Crowding by Smoothing Occupancy at Children’s Hospitals,” in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, 2011, DOI: 10.1002/jhm.904;jsessionid=

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:

PR Newswire:

Marcella Nuñez Smith (Yale CSP 04-06 and current Assistant Director Yale CSP) has been elected by the Graduating Class to receive the Leah Lowenstein award at Yale Medical School graduation.

This award is presented annually at graduation to the faculty member who, by promoting humane and egalitarian medical education, most clearly sets the example for students entering the field of medicine. The recipient's teaching style and personal wisdom provide a model for the principle of professional excellence and equal opportunity espoused by the late Leah Lowenstein, M.D. Dean and medical educator.

Kate Viola (Yale CSP 08-10) co-authors study on Outcomes of Referral to Dermatology for Suspicious Lesions in May issue of Archives of Dermatology. 2011;147(5):556-560. doi:10.1001/archdermatol.2011.108

Terry Jacobson (Penn CSP 87-89) has been named President of the The Southeast Lipid Association. Dr. Jacobson is currently the Director of the Office of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. The National Lipid Association (NLA) is a multidisciplinary non-profit membership association that serves healthcare professionals who manage patients with lipid disorders and cardiovascular disease. The NLA’s public health mission is to help reduce deaths related to high cholesterol.

Michael Phipps (3rd Year, Yale CSP-VA Scholar), Adam Landman (Yale CSP 08-10-former VA Scholar) and others study motorcycle crash data to determine the relationship between helmet use and crash mortality in Connecticut. The study was presented at the first Southern Connecticut Community Traffic Safety Conference and will be published in Connecticut Medicine.

The study is getting media attention as shown in this lead opinion piece on the New Haven Register.

Patrick Conway (Penn CSP 05-07), who currently serves as director of hospital
medicine and an associate professor at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, will become the CMS' new chief medical officer and director of the agency's Office of Clinical Standards and Quality on May 9. In the role, Conway succeeds Dr. Barry Straube, who retired in March.

From 2008 to 2010, Conway served as chief medical officer in the policy division in the
secretary's office at HHS, where he managed the department's quality-related activities,
including a $40 million National Quality Forum contract and the Medicare Personal Health Record Choice pilot. He also was responsible for measuring and improving health outcomes across HHS, according to an internal CMS memo. From 2007 to 2008, Conway served as a White House fellow assigned to the office of the secretary at HHS and to the director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Raina Merchant (Penn CSP 07-10) and her colleagues examine hospital racial composition in cardiac arrest survival disparities in article on study in American Heart Journal Volume 161, Issue 4 , Pages 705-711, April 2011 Black and White Cardiac Arrest Victims Both Less Likely to Survive At Hospitals Caring for Large Black Patient Populations, Penn Study Shows

e! Science News: Black and White Cardiac Arrest Victims Both Less Likely to Survive At Hospitals Caring for Large Black Patient Populations, Penn Study Shows

Providence Journal: Doctors? There's an app for that ; Medicine

Sun Herald – Online: Mobile health technology raises questions of liability, efficacy

Benjamin Springgate, MD, MPH (UCLA CSP 05-08) is featured in a Grant Results Report published by the foundation highlighting his work as Director of the Health and Resilience Project. The project, an initiative of the Rapid Evaluation and Action for Community Health in New Orleans, Louisiana (REACH-NOLA), worked from 2007-2010 to address the mental health crisis following Hurricane Katrina.

Kavita Patel (UCLA CSP '03-'05) discusses health policy aspects of President Obama's new framework for controlling spending and reforming entitlements in a Health Affairs blog.

David B. Nash (Penn CSP 82-84), and colleague Sanjaya Kumar, MD, Msc, MPH, publish Demand Better! Revive Our Broken Healthcare System, Second River Healthcare Press: Bozeman, MT, 2011.

Chisara Asomugha (Yale CSP 07-09), Nicole Lurie (UCLA CSP 82-84), and a colleague publish "Faith-Based Organizations, Science, and the Pursuit of Health"Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 22.1 (2011): 50-55.

Gary Freed (UNC CSP 90-92), Lawrence Kleinman (UCLA CSP 90-92), Rita Mangione-Smith (UCLA CSP 95-97), Mark Schuster (UCLA CSP 91-93), and Jeffery Silber (Penn CSP 83-85) will lead five of seven AHRQ Pediatric Quality Measurement Program Centers of Excellence. With collaboration from Peter Margolis (UNC CSP 87-89), Carole Lannon (UNC CSP 88-90), and Charlie Homer (UNC CSP 83-86), they will be working to improve the measurement of children's health care quality.

Marcella Nuñez Smith (Yale CSP 04-06 and current Assistant Director Yale CSP) received an American Student Medical Association Women Leaders in Medicine Award in March 2011.

Catherine Sarkisian (UCLA CSP 97-99) will receive the 2011 American Geriatrics Outstanding Scientific Achievement for Clinical Investigation Award for her achievement in clinical research on healthcare for older adults and her involvement in direct patient care.

Danil Makarov (Yale CSP 08-10-former VA Scholar), David Penson (Yale CSP 97-99-former VA Scholar), Cary Gross (Co-Director Yale CSP, Johns Hopkins CSP 97-99), and others study the impact of surgical robotic technology on the rate of prostate cancer surgery. "The Association Between Diffusion of the Surgical Robot and Radical Prostatectomy Rates." Medical Care. March 2011. DOI: 10.1097/MLR.0b013e318202adb9.



Joseph Ross (Yale CSP 04'-06') to receive 2011 SGIM Junior Investigator of the Year Award

Paul Rockey (Washington CSP 76-78) has written an editorial discussing the
future of duty hours in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings March 2011 Volume 86
Number 3

David Penson (Yale CSP 97-99) talks to Forbes Magazine about the business side of medicine.

Kevin Hill (Yale CSP 05-07) was awarded a K99 career development award for "Nabilone for Cannabis Dependence: Imaging and Neuropsychological Performance".

Deborah Rhodes (JHU CSP 95-97) presented a TED lecture on a tool that finds 3x more breast tumors, and why it's not available to you.

Mitesh Rao (Yale CSP 07-09) and his colleagues, Catherine Lerro, M.P.H., and Yale Clinical Scholar program site co-director and alumnus Cary Gross (1997-1999), conducted a survey of emergency department directors to explore the adequacy of on-call coverage in the nation’s emergency departments. The findings pointing to a severe shortage of surgical specialists were published in the December 2010 print edition of Academic Emergency Medicine.

For an interview by RWJF of Dr. Rao, please click on link below:

Kasia Lipska (Yale CSP 09-11) and Joseph Ross (Yale CSP 04-06) have written a commentary in JAMA regarding an advertising campaign from Takeda, the maker of the diabetes medication pioglitazone, that promotes it as safer than another medication rosiglitazone.

Robert Karch (Penn CSP 07-09) discusses WHO breast-feeding certification at Pennsylvania & Delaware area hospitals.


Edward P. Ehlinger (78-80 UNC CSP), Director and Chief Health Officer, Boynton Health Service was appointed by Governor Mark Dayton to be Minnesota’s Commissioner of Health.

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