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Fall 2015
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From the Director: The Art and Science of Presentations -
A Changing Landscape for Scholars and Alums
Desmond RunyanBack in the early years of the Clinical Scholars program, Scholars actually used slides made with film for presentations. No, it’s really true.  I remember an overhead projector being used at an early meeting but, fortunately, the program had already discarded slates with chalk and whale oil lanterns. It is fascinating to see where we have come to and think about what we might be doing in the years to come. It’s unclear to me whether we have always had wandering minds and finally have recognized that we aren't going to be successful forcing people to pay attention longer or whether the constant onslaught of data from multiple sources has actually changed our ability to attend to any one source for very long. At my first Clinical Scholars program meeting in the fall of 1979 in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Scholars from Yale all did their presentations using slides made by typing on white paper and then taking a photo to make the slides.

At UNC, we were being daring and making slides for talks that were white type on diazo blue. We were
exposed to the proposition that white text on a blue background was a better combination in a dark meeting room. I overheard Yale's director, Alan Feinstein, comment after a presentation made with a blue slides that the only proper method for making a scientific presentation was black type on white paper. Then came computers, other fonts besides courier, and software that not only let one change the color of the background but actually have dynamic motion in presentations.  We have persisted with our 12 minute scientific paper presentations but we will need to be looking at how we foster communication and tell the stories of our research in the future.  

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2015 Annual Meeting

2015 Clinical Scholars Annual MeetingOnline Registration Now Open! Deadline September 15, 2015
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Sheraton Seattle
Seattle, Washington
November 2 - 5, 2015
Spotlight on RWJF Clinical Scholar Alumni: The Opening of the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in South Los Angeles

The RWJF Human Capital Network on LinkedIn has a fascinating interview with three former Clinical Scholars, Medell Briggs-Malonson (UCLA CSP 09-12) (center photo), Stan Frencher (UCLA CSP 08-11) (right photo), and Efrain Talamantes (UCLA CSP 12-14) (left photo) regarding the opening of the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital. 

What started off as a Clinical Scholar community-based research project around an examination of unmet needs after the hospitals closure in 2007 grew and transformed to involve many scholars. These three scholars became intimately involved in the opening, ultimately taking positions at the hospital. If you have not already done so, please join the RWJF Leadership Network and its subgroup Human Capital Network. Click here for detailed instructions (PDF) on how to join.

Links to each part of the interview:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
New RWJF Leadership Programs: Status Update

The Foundation is developing four new boundary-spanning leadership programs that reflect a vision to work with others to build a national Culture of Health. The deadline for institutions to apply to direct a national center for one or more of the four new programs (including a “new” Clinical Scholars program) was July 29, 2015. The Foundation anticipates making the awards in October 2015 with the goal of enrolling the first cohorts in 2016. The “new” Clinical Scholars program will develop cohorts of networked clinicians who have attained a terminal clinical degree and who have the competencies and capabilities to lead transformative change that helps to build a Culture of Health in communities across the country. 

National Clinician Scholars Program (NCSP): Status Update

The National Clinician Scholars Program (NCSP) created by the four current Clinical Scholars training institutions builds on the legacy of the RWJF Clinical Scholars program and expands the program by including nurse scientists in addition to physicians to address new and emerging issues related to health care delivery and improving the health of communities. The application period for the initial NCSP 2016-18 cohort recently closed. In the coming months, look for the announcement of the selections for this inaugural cohort. For more information on the new program, eligibility requirements, and application information please access the NCSP website


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