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Spring 2016
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Calling All Alumni – Is It Time to Form the Clinical Scholars Alumni Association?
Desmond RunyanThe Clinical Scholars program has had a great run supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and the 15 participating institutions that have hosted training sites since the start. Next year the last cohort will graduate. We have a strong network of alums and Scholars who have a history of collaboration and we don’t expect that this collaboration will end anytime soon.

The question: Is it the time for the alumni and Scholars of the program to form a non-profit alumni organization? Such an organization could be the locus of alumni continuing to foster collaboration and networking with like-minded physician leaders who share an understanding of the organization of health care and the application of health services and clinical epidemiology work to improve the health of the public. Such an alumni organization could continue as a constituency advocating for the continued training of physicians in population health, health services research, clinical epidemiology, and health care leadership. Is there interest among you to help organize this new organization?

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What’s New

Save the Date! 2016 RWJF Clinical Scholars Annual Meeting

2016 Clinical Scholars Annual MeetingThe last annual meeting of the program will be November 14-17, 2016. The meeting opens with a reception and dinner on Monday the 14th and closes with a boxed lunch on Thursday the 17th. This year we will have alumni impact panels along with scholar plenary talks and poster sessions. The tentative panels include the following:

Quality Measurement & Improvement Panel: Eve Kerr (UCLA CSP 92-94), Charlie Homer (UNC CSP 83-86), Peter Margolis (UNC CSP 87-89)

Developing Innovative Health System Interventions & Ensuring Their Implementation & Widespread Adoption: David Flum (Wash CSP 00-02), Lisa Rubenstein (UCLA CSP 79-81), Sanjay Saint (Wash CSP VA 96-98)

Building Healthy Communities: Stacy Lindau (Chicago CSP 00-02) & Community Partner (TBD); Ken Wells (UCLA CSP 77-80) & Community Partner, Loretta Jones; Andrea Cherrington (UNC CSP 03-05) & Community Partner (TBD)

Transforming Health Through Federal Policy Leadership & Research: Kavita Patel (UCLA CSP 03-05), Nicole Lurie (UCLA CSP 82-84), Patrick Conway (Penn CSP 05-07)

Health Equity: Crista Johnson (Michigan CSP 05-08), Jose Escarce (Penn CSP 87-89), Marcella Nunez Smith (Yale CSP 04-06)

Developing Innovative Interventions for Effective & Sustained Behavior Change: David Asch (Penn CSP 87-89), Russ Rothman (UNC CSP 2000-2002), Ron Ackerman (Wash CSP VA 01-03)

The Annie Lea Shuster Speaker is Mary Bassett (Wash CSP 83-85), Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The two guest speakers include Leana Wen, Commissioner of the Baltimore City Health Department, and Pedro Jose Greer, Associate Dean for Community Engagement, Florida International University. Please keep an eye out for the online registration email that will go out in August.

2017 RWJF Clinical Scholars Final Celebration Event / Send Your Photos & Tributues!

The NPO will be hosting an event to celebrate the life of the program on May 31-June 1, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. This event will run a day and a half and will include a dinner gala, alumni impact panels and scholar talks.

The NPO is now collecting stories and photos that can be used in a commemorative video and an online celebration book that all alumni can view. See the James R. Gavin RWJF Tribute online book for examples of types of photos and short stories/tributes. Please email your memories to Nisha Datta ( by the end of the summer.

New Clinical Scholars Program and New National Clinician Scholars Program

Desmond Runyan

New RWJF Clinical Scholars:
the application period is closed for first cohort (2016-19) slated to start this fall.

National Clinician Scholars Program (started by current RWJFCSP training institutions: Michigan, UCLA, Penn and Yale): the application period is open for the second cohort of scholars (2017-19). The first cohort (2016-18) starts this summer. The NCSP will release an RFA early summer inviting institutions to serve as training sites.


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