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This section contains updates from Current Scholars around the country, featuring awards and accomplishments, presentations, publications and press, and life updates.

Current Scholar Awards and Accomplishments

Dina Griauzde (Michigan CSP VA Scholar) was awarded a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation Grant for $10,000 to fund her project “A Mixed Methods Pilot Randomized Controlled Trail of a Mobile Phone Based Health Program Among Adults with Prediabetes.”

Nia Heard-Garris (Michigan CSP) was invited to join the National March of Dimes Health Equity Workgroup.

Brian Hurley (UCLA CSP) was re-elected as the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s Treasurer, November 2016.

Brian Hurley (UCLA CSP) accepted an offer as Medical Director of Substance Use Related Care Integration for the Los Angeles County Health Agency's Departments of Health Services and Mental Health, which will begin upon his matriculation from the RWJF CSP in 2017.

Andrew Ibrahim (Michigan CSP VA Scholar) was appointed as a Technical Advisor to The Leapfrog Group.

Navin Vij (Penn CSP) co-founded the Clinician Action Network with colleagues Manik Chhabra (Penn CSP) and Jane Zhu (Penn NCSP) in November 2016.

Current Scholars Publication and Press

Claire Ankuda (Michigan CSP) and colleagues published "Regional Variation in Primary Care Involvement at the End of Life" in Annals of Family Medicine. Press release found here and MedPage Today

Anita Arora (Yale CSP), Erica Spatz (Yale CSP 08-10), Brita Roy (Yale CSP 13-15), Carley Riley (Yale CSP 13-15), Harlan Krumholz (Yale CSP co-director), and colleagues published “Population Well-Being Measures Help Explain Geographic Disparities in Life Expectancy at The County Level” in Health Affairs (Project Hope). Related press: HealthDayand YaleNews.

Krisda H Chaiyachati (Penn CSP VA Scholar), Penn CSP assoc. director David Grande, & colleague published, "Health Systems Tackling Social Determinants of Health: Promises, Pitfalls, and Opportunities of Current Policies" in AJMC.

Manik Chhabra (Penn CSP) wrote op-ed, “Commentary: Carson can highlight links between housing and health care,” for

Sanket Dhruva (Yale CSP VA Scholar), Joseph Ross (Yale CSP 04-06), and colleagues published, “Medicare Formulary Changes after the 2013 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Cholesterol Guideline” in J Am Coll Cardiol.

Joshua Elder (Yale CSP) was featured in article, "How Doctors Can Tell If You're Looking for Drugs."

Joshua Elder (Yale CSP) co-authored article, “My Primary Care Doctor Sent Me to the Emergency Department” in KevinMD.

Joshua Elder (Yale CSP) co-authored article, "Taking PDMPs Up a Notch" in Emergency Physicians Monthly

Joshua Elder (Yale CSP) and colleagues published, “Variation in the Intensity of Care for Patients with Uncomplicated Renal Colic Presenting to US Emergency Departments” in Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Nia Heard-Garris (Michigan CSP) and current NCSP scholar Danielle Erkoboni-Wilbur (Penn NCSP) wrote op-ed, "To honor Dr. King, pediatricians offer four tips to teach kindness to kids" in The Conversation which was republished by,, and a host of local newspapers around the nation.

Brian Hurley (UCLA CSP) co-wrote a chapter titled, “Motivational Interviewing in a Diverse Society,” for the book, Motivational Interviewing for Clinical Practice: A Practical Guide for Clinicians (2016).

Brian Hurley (UCLA CSP) co-wrote a chapter titled, “Screening and Assessment of Trauma in Clinical Populations,” for the book, Trauma, Resilience, and Health Promotion for LGBT Patients: What Every Healthcare Provider Should Know (2017).

Andrew Ibrahim (Michigan CSP VA Scholar) and colleague published, “Use of an Operating Room Scorecard – Keeping Score and Cutting Costs” in JAMA Surgery.

Anna Morgan (Penn CSP) and colleagues published, “Beyond Books: Public libraries as partners for population health” in Health Affairs. Coverage of this article, and the work of the Healthy Library Initiative, include Reuters, Newsworks, and the BBC. Links can be found at

Anna Morgan (Penn CSP) and colleagues published, "Our Doors Are Open to Everybody": Public Libraries as Common Ground for Public Health in Journal of Urban Health.

Carolyn Presley (Yale CSP VA Scholar), alum Cary Gross (JHU CSP 97-99), and colleagues published, "Treatment Burden of Medicare Beneficiaries with Stage I Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer" in the Journal of Oncology Practice. Their work was also discussed in an article in YaleNews, linked here

Mical Raz (Penn CSP VA Scholar) and colleague wrote op-ed, "Commentary: Wordsworth case shows it's time to rethink 'treatment' for juveniles" for

Nicole Villapiano (Michigan CSP), Tyler Winkelman (Michigan CSP VA Scholar), Matthew Davis (Chicago CSP 98-00), Stephen Patrick (Michigan CSP 10-12) and colleague published study, "Rural and Urban Differences in Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Maternal Opioid Use, 2004 to 2013," in JAMA. Press coverage can be found in NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and CNN

Tyler Winkelman (Michigan CSP VA Scholar) and alum Matthew Davis (Chicago CSP 98-00) contribute to Health Affairs Blog with article, "Improving Outcomes for Justice-Involved Individuals with Lessons from Veterans Programs."

Tyler Winkelman (Michigan CSP VA Scholar), Martina Caldwell (Michigan CSP VA Scholar), Matthew Davis (Chicago CSP 98-00), and colleague published, “Promoting Health Literacy for Children and Adolescents” in Pediatrics.

Current Scholar Abstracts / Presentations

Andrew Ibrahim, MD, MS (Michigan CSP VA Scholar) will present “Redesigning Delivery of Surgical Care: from policy, to papers, to practice.”  Guest Lecturer.  School of Architecture, Clemson University (February 2016).

Navin Vij (Penn CSP) presented “Results from the State of Pennsylvania’s Hep C Profile” at PA Department of Health’s Hepatitis C Seminar in Williamsport, PA on October 18, 2016.

Tyler Winkelman (Michigan CSP VA Scholar) will present “Emergency Department and Hospital Utilization Among Justice-Involved Adolescents”  at the Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health in Atlanta, GA Mar. 2017.

Current Scholar Family Updates

Joshua Elder (Yale CSP 15-17) and his wife welcomed a baby boy named Weston Graham on January 15.



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