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Where Are They Now? Recent Graduate Placements
(Class of 2009)

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Chisara Asomugha

Chisara Asomugha (Yale) will continue as an ordained clergywoman in Bloomfield, New Jersey implementing empowerment programs targeting childhood obesity and facilitating wellness seminars in the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center in Newark, New Jersey. She will also maintain her responsibilities as the Vice President of Orphans and Widows in Need (OWIN) Foundation, Inc. After gaining additional experience in the non-profit sector and community development, she will pursue a career in federal government.

Jill Barron

Jill Barron (Yale) will continue on at Yale in the Department of Psychiatry. She will also continue to serve as the Director of the bilingual program at the Mid-Fairfield Child Guidance Clinic where she sees children with severe mental illness from families who are primarily Spanish speaking. Jill will also provide consultation to the NYC Fire Department to assess and treat firefighters who developed severe trauma-related psychopathology after the World Trade Center attacks.

Dr. Nazleen Bharmal

Dr. Nazleen Bharmal (UCLA) enrolled in the National Research Services Awards Program in the UCLA Department of Medicine.  This will provide her time to complete the dissemination of her Clinical Scholars projects and to prepare manuscripts for publication in peer reviewed journals.  During this time, she will also defend her dissertation on social determinants contributing to geographic disparities in life expectancy and obtain a PhD in Health Services.  In the long term, Dr. Bharmal plans to develop and improve health infrastructures domestically and abroad.

Peggy Chen

Peggy Chen (Yale) is staying on for a third year in the Program. She will be conducting several projects including exploring how asthma care is delivered in the pediatric population, evaluating how foster children in a medical home fare when compared to regular care, and characterizing the structures and systems that support exclusive breastfeeding in newborns and infants. Peggy ultimately plans to seek a post-fellowship position that will allow her to focus on maternal and child health, particularly in vulnerable populations, while using both her clinical experience and research skills to help inform policy in this area.

Dr. Jamila Davison

Dr. Jamila Davison (UCLA) is seeking a position that combines her passion for policy change, community based participatory research, academic teaching, and clinical service.  She is exploring combining academic appointments in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Emory University, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and Morehouse School of Medicine.   Dr. Davison's long term goal is to design, manage, and evaluate programs that integrate medical, educational, and social services to improve the health of individuals and families in poor, urban neighborhoods. She is especially interested in studying the effectiveness of these initiatives, in order to develop evidence-based policy recommendations that address the problems of poverty.

Dr. John Gore

Dr. John Gore (UCLA) joined the faculty at the University of Washington in Seattle as Assistant Professor, where he will have a clinical focus on urologic oncology.  His research focus involves studying issues of access to care and quality of care for patients with prostate and bladder cancer.  He hopes to utilize his health services training to better understand the delivery of prostate and bladder cancer care toward the goal of translating this understanding into interventions that improve access and quality.

Luke Hansen

Luke Hansen (Yale) has accepted a position as Instructor in the Division of Hospital Medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. He will be working as a research-clinician with a research emphasis on patient safety culture as well as more generally on process improvement and patient safety. In addition to developing mentored research projects, he will also be active on the clinical service as an internal medicine hospitalist. 

Dr. Justin Hunt

Dr. Justin Hunt (Michigan) will join the faculty of the Department of Psychiatry - Division of Health Services Research at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences as an assistant professor on the tenure track.  In conjunction with this role, he also will perform policy-relevant research in the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement, a health policy think tank led by former RWJ Clinical Scholar, Dr. Joseph Thompson.  He will be continuing his work on the influence of mental health on human capital accumulation, but he also plans to establish a CBPR implementation partnership that focuses on the adoption of evidence-based practices by rural federally qualified community health centers that provide safety net services to disadvantaged populations in the Mississippi Delta and Ozark Highlands.

Dr. Carla Keirns

Dr. Carla Keirns (Michigan) has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine, Medicine and History at the State University of New York -- Stony Brook, on Long Island, where she will conduct research, lead the clinical ethics service with a focus on ethics, social justice, and empowerment of disenfranchised populations, and teach medical students and residents in the areas of clinical medicine, health disparities, health policy, medical humanities, and clinical ethics.  She is completing her work with Community Action Against Asthma, a CBPR partnership between the University of Michigan and community partners in Detroit's Eastside and Southwest neighborhoods, exploring the interaction between chronic diseases in parents and children and the ways that families and communities can support each other in improving their self-management.  She will also continue work exploring the social context of chronic disease through quantitative and qualitative projects, and is completing a book on the history of asthma for Johns Hopkins University Press.

SreyRam Kuy

SreyRam Kuy (Yale) will be completing her general surgery training at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She also plans to continue her health services research and healthcare policy work.

Robert Karch

Dr. Robert Karch MD, MPH, (Penn) is an Attending Physician in the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.  His clinical responsibilities include newborn nursery, pediatric ambulatory and hospital medicine.  He will join the faculty of the Department of Pediatrics at the Thomas Jefferson College of Medicine.  He will combine his clinical responsibilities with advocacy work at Nemours Health and Prevention Services (NHPS); a division of the Nemours Foundation in Wilmington, Delaware.  His focus at NHPS will be implementing childhood obesity prevention strategies and improving the quality of food served in childcare centers within the state of Delaware. 

Dr. Christie Lancaster

Dr. Christie Lancaster (Michigan) will be pursuing her third year as a Clinical Scholar.  Her third year projects include a mixed methods study to evaluate the integration of perinatal depression care in the obstetric setting as well as a database project examining patterns of health care use in women with depression.  Dr. Lancaster's long-term career plans focus on an academic research career targetted at implementation research in perinatal depression, particularly focusing on the use of health communication strategies to improve delivery of perinatal depression care.

Sean Lucan

Sean Lucan, MD, MPH, MS (Penn) joined the faculty in the Department of Family and Social Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center / Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx.  He will continue the work he began as a clinical scholar at PENN: investigating the individual and environmental influences on dietary behaviors for urban, low-income, minority populations towards reducing diet-related disease disparities in these groups.  Sean is a recipient of NIH Loan Repayment for Health Disparities research.

Dr. Anish Mahajan

Dr. Anish Mahajan (UCLA) joined the faculty at the UCLA Division of General Internal Medicine & Health Services Research.  Dr. Mahajan has also been selected to the White House Fellows Program for the 2009-2010 cohort. He will spend one year in Washington working as special assistant on health policy in the Obama Administration.  Dr. Mahajan's long term goal is to become an independently funded health services researcher who engages government agencies and community organizations in improving the health of vulnerable populations domestically and internationally.

Sean Lucan

Dr. Giridhar Mallya MD, (Penn) has been the Director of Policy and Planning for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health since October 2008. In this position, he helps to define public health priorities for the City, coordinates the Department’s research and data analysis activities, and works with key leadership—including the Board of Health and the Air Pollution Control Board—to set policies and develop regulations. More specifically, he is working to consolidate three Divisions that provide services to families with young children and is developing a plan for population-based tobacco control initiatives.

Tammon Nash, MD, MS

Tammon Nash, MD, MS (Michigan) will be the Associate Medical Director at Michigan Community Blood Centers in Grand Rapids, Michigan beginning July 15, 2009.  In her new position she will provide consultation and support for the therapeutic apheresis service and will assist in the supervision of various blood center laboratories.  She also hopes to continue her work to diversify the blood donor pool and provide better transfusion care to sickle cell patients.

Dr. Manya Newton

Dr. Manya Newton (Michigan) will be joining the faculty of the Department of Emergency Medicine of at the University of Michigan. She will continue her research on disparities and on the emergency department use and medical outcomes of the un- and underinsured. Dr. Newton will concurrently complete her PhD in Health Management and Policy with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Poverty and Health at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Dr. Anisha Patel

Dr. Anisha Patel (UCLA) is continuing her training at the Institute of Health Policy Studies at the University of California at San Francisco to gain additional skills to help her translate research into policy change.  This will allow Dr. Patel to achieve her long term goals of providing clinical care to underserved populations, using a community-based participatory approach to develop interventions to address disparities in obesity among youth, and translating research into actionable policy change. 

Craig Pollack

Dr. Craig Pollack MD, (Penn) joined the RAND Corporation as an Associate Natural Scientist based out of Arlington, Virginia.  He is also an Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine and an Assistant Research Professor at the GW School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy.  Much of his research focuses on social determinants of health, specifically the connection between housing and health.  The goal of this research is to improve health by promoting access to affordable, high quality housing.  In addition, he studies the health care delivery system, with an emphasis on using network analyses to understand how physician referral patterns affect quality and equity in cancer care.

Mitesh Rao

Mitesh Rao (Yale) will continue residency training in emergency medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He also plans to continue his research on emergency and trauma policy and his writing for the medical press.

Dr. Ann-Marie Rosland

Dr. Ann-Marie Rosland (Michigan) has joined the General Internal Medicine faculty at the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor VA Center for Clinical Management Research.  She will continue her research on mobilizing social, health care team, and community resources to help patients manage chronic disease, with a focus on veterans and vulnerable populations.  She will also continue her work with the REACH Detroit diabetes academic-community partnership.

Dr. Comilla Sasson

Dr. Comilla Sasson (Michigan) will be doing a third year of research as a fellow. She will continue to pursue research projects addressing social determinants of health in cardiac arrest, as well as the neighborhood level factors affecting the provision of bystander CPR. She hopes to use the last year of fellowship to develop community-specific bystander CPR educational interventions for "high risk" communities. Her long-term goal is an academic career that focuses on understanding neighborhood and individual factors that affect cardiovascular health.

Dr. Lisa Schweigler

Dr. Lisa Schweigler (Michigan) will be joining the faculty of the Department of Emergency Medicine of The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University as Academic Assistant Professor. As such, she will be working clinically at the Lifespan hospitals Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI, via the University Emergency Medicine Foundation. Dr. Schweigler will be continuing her research on aspects of how emergency departments (EDs) function as part of the health care safety net, with particular focus on socio-economic disparities in ED access and care and ED operations. Dr. Schweigler will be collaborating not only with fellow ED faculty, but also with faculty of the Brown Department of Public Health, where she will hold an adjunct appointment.

Dr. Rashmi Shetgiri

Dr. Rashmi Shetgiri (UCLA) joined the faculty at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as a Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics in the Division of General Pediatrics.  She will continue her work in community-based participatory research focusing on adolescent resilience in Latino youth in Dallas. She will be a clinician-investigator who will spend the majority of her time doing community-based participatory research, while continuing to practice pediatrics and teach medical students and residents. Dr. Shetgiri's long-term goals include using community-based participatory research to design, implement, and evaluate multi-site, resilience-based youth development interventions for at-risk minority youth, and to successfully disseminate these interventions. She will continue to teach a new generation of physicians about the importance of the social determinants of health and community-based research and advocacy. She hopes to utilize her research, clinical, teaching, and advocacy skills to significantly improve the health and developmental outcomes of children and adolescents.

Dr. Vijay Singh

Dr. Vijay Singh (Michigan) will be engaging in a third year of research as a fellow.  He will continue to pursue research projects that identify and treat male patients for intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetration.  He will continue to work with community based organizations that prevent IPV.  He is the recipient of grant awards from the foundations of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians.  His long-term goal is an academic career that develops health care programs to prevent IPV perpetration.

Rachel Skeete

Rachel Skeete (Yale) accepted a position as a Medical Officer in the Division of Scientific Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis (DSSPPA) at the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD) at the NIH. She will be working with a team focused on monitoring, evaluating, and assessing research projects conducted and supported by NCMHD and other NIH institutes, centers, and offices; coordinating and developing the trans-NIH minority health/health disparities research plans and programs; and advising on policy matters related to NCMHD.

Joahd Toure

Dr. Joahd Toure MD, (Penn)  is currently working at a Community Medical Center in East Harlem, NY. He splits his time between this clinial work and completing his clinical scholars projects. Starting in September 2009, Dr. Toure will begin work as a Life Science Specialist for the management consulting group L.E.K. in Boston. MA. He is currently looking for a free clinic in Boston to join.

Dr. Gareth Warren

Dr. Gareth Warren (Michigan) will remain in Ann Arbor, MI to complete his clinical training in Urology at the University of Michigan. He will continue his intervention pilot study in conjunction with the University of Michigan Transplant Center and the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan. This ongoing study is examining the feasibility of a telephone based peer mentoring intervention among transplant recipients and potential transplant candidates to assist in navigating through the pre- kidney transplant medical evaluation process. His long-term goals are to continue his work to develop novel approaches in improving the support services for patients with chronic kidney disease and those pursuing kidney transplantation as well as further investigate decision-making and opinions surrounding organ donation. 

Pierre Yong

Dr. Pierre Yong (Penn) is a Program Officer at the Institute of Medicine. Working with the Roundtable on Evidence-Based Medicine, his portfolio of projects centers on value in health care. He is currently engaged in planning a workshop series entitled “The Healthcare Imperative: Lowering Costs and Improving Outcomes”, which will ultimately yield a summary publication after the conclusion of the series. In addition, he is continuing to practice clinically at a long-term care facility in Maryland.  



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