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Where Are They Now? Recent Graduate Placements
(Class of 2011)

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Mashid Abir

Mahshid Abir (Michigan) will join the faculty of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the George Washington University as an assistant professor on tenure track.  In conjunction with this role, she will also perform policy-relevant research with the RAND corporation in Arlington, VA as an affiliate adjunct.  In this capacity, she will continue her work in the following areas:  domestic and international disaster preparedness and response, and hospital preparedness including the different aspects of hospital surge capacity.

Anje Van Berckelaer

Anje Van Berckelaer (Penn) has accepted a position as Clinical Director of Performance Improvement and Program Development at Delaware Valley Community Health, a Philadelphia-based federally qualified health center. In addition, she will serve as a clinical consultant to the Health Federation of Philadelphia's data warehouse, a health information technology project to facilitate cross-institutional quality improvement efforts among local community health centers.

Dr. Christine Bower Baca

Christine Bower Baca (UCLA) has accepted a joint appointment as an assistant professor in the Department of Neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. This position also provides a joint appointment at West Los Angeles Veteran's Administration, which has obtained funding to develop and implement Epilepsy Centers of Excellence. She will continue to work on long-term outcomes and their potential barriers to coordinated care for patients with epilepsy. She is particularly interested in developing models of coordinated care in vulnerable groups such as persons with no insurance, language barriers, race/ethnic minorities, and children. Additionally, Dr. Bower Baca is exploring new research projects related to post-traumatic epilepsy in returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Colin Cooke

Colin Cooke (Michigan) will join the faculty of the Department of Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine at the University of Michigan as a Clinical Lecturer.  In conjunction with this role, he will perform policy-relevant research in the Center for Healthcare Outcomes & Policy, a multidisciplinary group of health services researchers that share a common interest in using both patient and claims data to understand and improve the quality and efficiency of care.  He will be continuing his work on characterizing the drivers of variation in critical care use in the United States, and the impact of such variation on outcomes and costs of care and anticipates resubmitting an AHRQ K08 to support this work.

Lisa DeCamp

Lisa DeCamp (Michigan) will be participating in the Johns Hopkins General Academic Pediatric Fellowship for the next two years. During that time she will continue her clinic and research endeavors and develop a career development award application. After this Lisa hopes to pursue an academic position in which she will be able to continue to partner with the Latino community to improve child health and pediatric health care access and quality.

Dr. Stanley Frencher

Stanley Frencher (UCLA) will return to residency training in the Department of Urology at Yale University. Dr. Frencher and his community partners have put considerable thought and resources in place to sustain their work on outreach to African American men and prostate cancer screening education. After clinical training, he plans to pursue a faculty position in urology where he can continue an ambitious community partnered research agenda.

Neera Goyal

Neera Goyal (Penn) has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and attending physician at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. She will have a joint appointment in the Division of Neonatology and the Division of General and Community Pediatrics, Section of Hospital Medicine. In her new role, she will continue to pursue her interest in improving the quality of hospital care for newborns with a focus on preterm infants and neonatal readmissions.

Ryan Greysen

Ryan Greysen (Yale) will be Assistant Professor in the Division of Hospital Medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). In his physician-investigator role, he will focus on improving the quality of hospital discharge care.

Stephen Henry

Stephen Henry (Michigan) will stay in Ann Arbor for a third year, so will finish the Clinical Scholars’ program in June 2012. During his third year he will complete his mixed methods project on pain-related communication and work on several other ongoing projects related to his overall research goals related to doctor-patient communication. He plans to pursue a career in academic medicine and will build on the projects and skills he has developed as a clinical scholar to obtain funding through a career development award. He will his continue clinical work in primary care. Stephen will pursue research and clinical opportunities in both the Department of Veterans Affairs and civilian institutions.

Kerianne Holman

Kerianne Holman (Michigan) will return to her position as a General Surgery resident at the University of Michigan, where she will complete her remaining two years of training. Following residency, she hopes to work in a position that combines clinical work as a general surgeon, institutional (and perhaps regional) work on health care policy, and academic and policy opinion writing.

Adriana Izquierdo

Adriana Izquierdo (UCLA) is negotiating a position with the Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research (GIM/HSR) in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She was awarded a diversity supplement from the National Institute of Mental Health to continue her work on social networks and depression care management outcomes. She was also awarded $20,000 by the UCLA Center for Health Improvement for Minority Elders, which is part of NIA’s Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research, to support this work. Dr. Izquierdo’s long-term goal continues to be to work with Latino elderly and community organizations to make an impact on health and health care for underserved communities.

Kristin Jensen

Kristin Jensen (Michigan) will join the faculty of the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome within the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado as an assistant professor on the tenure track.  Through this role she will continue to work on improving the quality of transitions of care for patients with Down Syndrome as they age out of pediatric practices into adult providers.

Jane Jue

Jane Jue (Penn) remains in the Philadelphia area and is seeking a position that combines her passion for community engagement with underserved and vulnerable populations and her training in health policy and health services research. She is exploring combining clinical service in a public health context with involvement in quality and performance measures and health services research.  Dr. Jue's long term goal is to be involved at a regional and national level in improving systems of care for the underserved.  She is especially interested in developing evidence-based policy to address health care disparities.

Elizabeth Krans

Elizabeth Krans (Michigan) will join the faculty of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Pittsburgh as an Assistant Professor.  She will be continuing her work in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of prenatal care through (a) improving the risk assessment process and (b) evaluating how tailored, risk-appropriate prenatal care models impact maternal and neonatal outcomes.

Sonali Kulkarni

Sonali Kulkarni (UCLA) will serve as the Associate Medical Director at the LA County Dept of Public Health, Office of AIDS Programs and Policy. She will also be appointed at the Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research (GIM/HSR) in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. She will continue to pursue her research interests which focus on improving access to care for underserved populations such as patients with limited English proficiency and patients who have been in the correctional system.  Specifically, she will continue to collaborate with GIM/HSR faculty on several projects including: survey data analysis of medically ill California prison inmates before and after release from prison to better understand their changing health status and health seeking behaviors during this transition; reports on the implementation of rapid HIV testing algorithms in the Los Angeles County Jail; and a review of universal HIV test and treat. She will also serve as a guest lecturer and mentor for the Community Based Participatory Research course, a core seminar of the UCLA RWJF Clinical Scholars Program curriculum, in the UCLA School of Public Health.

Kelly Kyanko

Kelly Kyanko (Yale) will be an Instructor at the New York University School of Medicine. She will be dedicating time to both clinical medicine and policy-relevant research that addresses healthcare costs and delivery system and payment models.

Kasia Lipska

Kasia Lipska (Yale) was awarded an NIH-funded Fogarty International Research fellowship. She will be working in Trivandrum and New Delhi, India doing research on undiagnosed diabetes, pre diabetes, and insulin resistance in individuals with ischemic stroke.  

Rhonda Mattox

Rhonda Mattox (UCLA) is the Medical Director of the United Family Services, a non-profit organization that serves youth recently involved in the juvenile justice system in Little Rock Arkansas. Dr. Mattox continues to focus her research towards developing interventions aimed at reducing the stigma of mental illness among the African-American community.  Specifically, she will continue to work with faith-based programs to improve African-Americans’ access to treatment and outcomes in mental health.

Sierra Matula

Sierra Matula (UCLA) returned to UCSF to complete her general surgery residency, where she will continue to pursue her focus on understanding barriers of access to care and improving access to quality specialty/surgical care for vulnerable populations. Her long term plans include an academic surgery career as well as policy and advocacy work at level of the American College of Surgeons.

Zachary Meisel

Zachary Meisel (Penn) has accepted a position as an assistant professor the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Medical Editor of the LDI Health Economist, an health policy periodical from the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at Penn. He will be a KM1 scholar at Penn with an institutional career development award from the NIH in Comparative Effectiveness Research. He will continue to explore the role of narratives communication on the dissemination and translation of evidence (particularly around emergency hospital and prehospital care) for patients, providers and policy makers. His column, The Medical Insider, is published approximately every other Monday at

Bergen Nelson

Bergen Nelson (UCLA) was appointed as a Clinical Instructor at the UCLA Department of Pediatrics where she will have 80% protected time for research. Dr. Nelson will continue to work with partners at the Los Angeles Unified School District to develop partnerships between pediatric health services and education systems, evaluating the effectiveness of interventions to improve developmental and educational outcomes for at-risk children and youth.

Aasim Padela

Aasim Padela (Michigan) will be relocating to the University of Chicago with dual appointments in the Maclean Center for Ethics and the Section of Emergency Medicine. He will be a core faculty member of the Program on Medicine and Religion investigating the intersections of religion, health policy and bioethics.

Michael Phipps

Michael Phipps (Yale) will begin a Medical Informatics fellowship at the VA Connecticut Healthcare and Yale University. He will also hold a dual appointment as an Instructor in the Department of Neurology at Yale University School of Medicine.

Dr. Joan Ryoo

Adam Richards (UCLA) will join the American Heart Association-Pharmaceutical Roundtable Outcomes Research Center at UCLA as a postdoctoral fellow. This program will provide Dr. Richards with multi-year support to expand his fellowship project into a dissertation and complete a PhD in the Department of Health Services Research at the UCLA School of Public Health. Once Dr. Richards completes this phase of his education, he plans to continue his career in an academic division of general internal medicine. His research interest involves developing measurement tools and evidence-based interventions to understand and address the social determinants of health among migrant and disadvantaged populations.

Dr. Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith (Michigan) has accepted a position at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in the Quality Improvement Group, Division of Quality Improvement Policy for Chronic & Ambulatory Care. In her new role, she will provide clinical and technical oversight on quality improvement, effectiveness, and efficiency activities implemented through the Quality Improvement Organizations and End Stage Renal Disease Networks.

Erica Spatz

Erica Spatz (Yale) will begin a Postdoctoral fellowship in clinical Cardiology at Yale University School of Medicine.

Jeremy Sussman

Jeremy Sussman (Michigan) will join the faculty of the Section of General Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan as a Clinical Lecturer. He will be continuing his work with his RWJ mentorship team on cardiovascular disease prevention and on the improving, implementing, and communicating Evidence-Based Medicine. 

Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds

Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds (Penn) will join the faculty of the Indiana University School of Medicine as an Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Tucker Edmonds’ research will continue to focus on patient-provider and decision-making in the management of periviable deliveries and in other settings of uncertainty. She has also been awarded the 2011-2012 American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s Warren H. Pearse/Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Women's Health Policy Research Award to conduct a study of predictors and outcomes associated with Antepartum Discharge Against Medical Advice.

Oliver Wang

Oliver Wang (Yale) will be an attending Cardiologist at Kaiser Permanente, West Los Angeles. His primary responsibility will be clinical with time to pursue research and administrative interests. 

Niamey Wilson

Niamey Wilson (Penn) completed the program and returned to surgical residency in June of 2011 in the Department of General Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. She will finish her residency in June of 2013. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, she will be continuing her research with the American Board of Surgery examining surgical decision making and how those decisions ultimately end up contributing to variation in practice. Her research interests also include the impact of tort reform and the effects of health care policy on surgical practice.

Glenda L. Wrenn

Glenda L. Wrenn (Penn) has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. She is also the Associate Project Director for the Satcher Health Leadership Institute Integrated Behavioral Health Care Initiative where she is working to implement improved systems of care for emergency psychiatry and conducting a pilot project of integrated behavioral health in community primary care practices. She plans to continue collaborative research efforts consistent with her interest in enhancing resilience in vulnerable populations and improving community engagement around mental health issues.

Katherine Yun

Katherine Yun (Yale) will be joining PolicyLab, a center to bridge research, practice, and policy at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute. She will be working on issues in pediatric immigrant healthcare.

Donna Zulman

Donna Zulman (Michigan) will be taking a position as Instructor, Division of General Medical Disciplines, Stanford University Center for Health Care Evaluation, Palo Alto VA, Stanford University School of Medicine. She plans to continue pursuing research that focuses on improving health and health care delivery for older adults and patients with multiple chronic conditions, with an emphasis on the development of eHealth applications and interventions optimized for this patient population.



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